I am the owner, adminstrator, and lead moderator of an eight person moderating team for Snarkfest, a pop culture discussion forum. Our board features discussions with proper capitalization and full sentences, a rarity in the online forum world. We were listed in Entertainment Weekly's article "100 Sites to Bookmark Now," in the June 23, 2006 issue.


Crochet Design:

I have been crocheting since I was 9 years old. Sometimes I make up my own patterns from scratch for projects I want to make. Here are three projects I have recently finished.


There is a tradition at the Entertainment Technology Center, in the Building Virtual Worlds Show at the end of the semester, to give out a Penguin award. This award is given to the team that pushes the boundaries to try something great -- and fails spectacularly. It is inspired by the first penguin that dives into the ocean, who will either get all the fish or be eaten by a seal. This year, I volunteered to crochet the penguins and theme them for the winning team. Due to the dearth of cute penguin patterns online and in books, I made one up. The costumes are removable.

The winning team's costume




A good friend of mine loves the Marvel character Deadpool. She showed me this cover of a comic featuring a Deadpool doll. I told her I thought I could make it by crocheting. I made up the pattern from scratch, and the result was a doll we affectionately called "Dollpool."




As a successor to Dollpool, I decided to make a Batman doll for myself. Again, this was a pattern of my own design. Batdoll is crocheted, with a knit cape.