I have had the chance to work as programmer on several internships, as well as at the Entertainment Technology Center. Here is a summary of the skills I used on each project.


Give Kids the World summer project/Kissimmee Interactive OSK: On both the summer and fall project teams, I have been working on the back-end system, maintaining two Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases and two web services, which I created in C#, for passing the data to the two front-end clients, one written in Adobe Flex and one in Adobe Flash. On these projects, I have also contributed to the Flex and Flash programming, mainly by writing logic in Actionscript 3.0.

Electric 4 Education: Though the features did not make it into the final game, I spent part of the semester programming a scavenger hunt game, where guests could login to a web site and get a clue sent to a cell phone. The guest would then take a picture, using any phone with a camera, and send it back to the web site's email address. This would then be sorted and appear in the guest's online page. About three quarters of the game was complete, developed in PHP with a MySQL database.

Building Virtual Worlds: As I mentioned on my design page, I was programmer for Building Virtual Worlds. Each round of the project used a new hardware technology, which meant getting new feedback to use to manipulate the world, as well as customizing the way the world interacted to take advantage of the technology. In this course, I programmed in Python using the Panda3D engine. My programs were generally structured in finite state machines, using events, tasks, and collision spheres to guide the experience.



Northern Virginia Folklife Archive: In this independent study at George Mason University, I rewrote the functionality of the Northern Virginia Folklife Archive web site. I wrote the functionality in PHP, and gave a variety of search options including "AND" or "OR" searching, exact match searching, and advanced search options.

The Walt Disney Studios: While I can't describe my project, I was recreating a multi-tiered web service. I wrote the web service in Windows Communication Foundation, using C#. The front end used ASP.NET and AJAX for asynchronous updates to and from the database.

Mitretek Systems: I spent two summers as an intern at Mitretek Systems, now Noblis Systems. Our project used mainly open source materials. During the summer I used MySQL, Java, JSP, XML tagging, and Perl to create a powerful natural language search of clinical trial reports.